Welcome to all you amazing supporters of good causes.  Your contributions are the life blood of charities across the globe

IBACS gives charities an opportunity to showcase their monthly overheads, their wish lists, their intended future development plans, campaigns or even appeals when disaster strikes and gives supporters easy access to the charities most urgent needs

Many supporters would rather give goods than hard cash.  IBACS has made it easy for you to find out what charities really need, and to help out by covering some of their overheads each month, even if you are not local to the charity.  You can buy something small such as a loaf of bread, add to a lay-bye if they have one or if you can give a little more, purchase their monthly groceries.  This means that all the charity has to do, is simply arrive at the store and collect the goods you have purchased saving them not only resources, but time.  Shopping is fun, online shopping in another country is even more fun and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that 100% of your donation goes directly to the charity for something they really need.

How it works

    1. Find the charity you would like to support by using our drop down menu on the IBACS home page.
    2. Enter their personal charity page to find out what their monthly expenses and other needs are. Print out their shopping list if required.
    3. Click on the link to take you straight through to a store local the the charity where the goods are available and purchase the goods online, or buy them a gift card. Keep a record of the charities delivery address and name for the store to contact
    4. Send the electronic receipt to the charity. They will need this to receive the goods
    5. The store, which will be local to them will deliver the goods, or the charity may collect them.
    6. Like our IBACS Facebook page -International Business & Charity Support (still to be set up)
    7. Drum up more support for both charities and businesses by spreading the word through your social media pages. Both charities and businesses benefit by IBACS registration.

Want to help more?

  • Email this leaflet to everyone you know through your social media contacts, or print it out and hand deliver colleagues and contacts
  • Register as an Agent, and earn an income for yourself or your charity – click here to register
  • Donate to a fund – click here (volunteer, start a new charity, charity of the year award)

Any registered charity or business, anywhere in the world may apply for IBACS registration, provided their activities are legal