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IBACS is not a get rich quick scheme but because every business requires advertising and IBACS has a unique, cost effective way of reaching millions of potential clients for those businesses, your commission as you sign up businesses could rapidly become a salary. The monthly fee that businesses pay is so affordable that this concept will almost sell itself. The huge advantage for you as an IBACS agent is that once a business is signed up, you will continue to receive a monthly income for as long as the business is signed up with IBACS. We will provide an advertising leaflet for you to send out to businesses. It is that simple

How it works

    • Apply to become an IBACS agent by emailing agent@IBACS-NPO.org
    • You will receive a reference number to add to your advertising leaflet or to quote to the businesses you register with IBACS

    • Encourage businesses to register with IBACS. The business will need to register through the IBACS website, using you reference number. This is an excellent deal for businesses, and there are a number of ways to encourage businesses to sign up. Email this leaflet to every business you know, print some copies to hand out as you go about you daily business, speak to business owners you know, advertise through your social media pages. There are literally millions of businesses throughout the world, giving you millions of opportunities

    • You will receive a monthly commission for every business you sign up, for as long as the business is registered with IBACS. The businesses are required to pay a monthly fee to IBACS, part of which will be paid to you monthly giving you the opportunity to build up your own home business until it becomes a salary. Once you have reached your target amount, you could either sit back and enjoy the monthly income without having to work, or keep signing up businesses to boost your income further

    • The advantage for businesses is that for a very small monthly fee, they will have charities throughout the world advertising for them, and in addition their monthly IBACS fee will also benefit charities. This gives any business credibility . IBACS is a brand new concept, which benefits businesses, charities, supporters and you as an agent. It really is a win win for everyone involved. There is no reason why it would not sell. It is certainly worth a try.

    • Please contact agent@IBACS-NPO.org to sign up as an IBACS agent or to enquire further.

Registration Fee

Business registration fee and commission – businesses are required to pay in the currency of their country

Registration Fee
Please email business@ibacs-npo.org for a quote

Business registration fees are per month, to be paid to IBACS

Commission is paid monthly to IBACS agents


Register as an IBACS Agent