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Register your Charity with IBACS

The fact is that ninety percent of charities across the globe are under-resourced.  IBACS is a new concept designed to get your monthly overheads paid on your behalf, your wish list satisfied and your future development plans fulfilled.

No matter what it is that your charity really needs help with, someone, somewhere in the world would help, if they knew about it.

IBACS will give you the platform to tell the world what would really help your charity, whether it is a new vehicle or building, solar power or even assistance in an emergency – and it is all absolutely free of charge.  There are no strings attached, any registered charity, anywhere in the world may register with IBACS.  As IBACS develops further, it is likely to become the first stop site for sponsors who are in the position to assist with what your charity needs.

It is time to make those charity wishes and dreams come true.

How it works

    1. Register your charity with IBACS by filling in the personal charity page provided online or completing this form and emailing it to
    2. Once your personal charity page is live on IBACS, complete your shopping list in the space provided, and find a supplier close to you from the drop down menu.

    3. If you cannot find an IBACS registered store local to you with the goods your charity requires, print out this leaflet and email or hand deliver it to them. Once they have registered with IBACS simply follow the steps above.

    4. Advertise your IBACS charity page through your social media pages. The more supporters you reach, the more support you are likely to get. Supporters then go to your shopping list page, see what you need and click on the link which will take them straight through to the store where the goods are available.  This will allow supporters to purchase the goods or gift card you require.  If your store offers delivery, the goods may be delivered to your charity – otherwise you may collect the goods or gift card from them.

    5. Continue to advertise your IBACS personal charity page through your social media platforms.  Ask all your supporters to advertise on their social media platforms.  The more supporters you reach in this way the more likely your expenses will be paid for you.

    6. Remember to update your page as your needs change.

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