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Register your Business with IBACS

Once your business is registered with IBACS, your local charities will advertise your merchandise to thousands of their local, national and international supporters through their social media pages and encourage them to purchase your products. This will increase your customer base to include the entire world, boost your sales and your credibility. Each branch of your business is required to register individually with IBACS, and to pay a very small monthly fee in the currency of your country.

Whether you are a small business, a start-up business, a franchise, an internet business or a large chain store, and regardless of what you are selling, your registration with IBACS could open your doors to the entire world of international charity shoppers/supporters willing to buy your goods for a charity close to you.

The charity social media platforms reach hundreds of thousands of generous supporters willing to donate to good causes. Most of these supporters would rather donate goods than cash but are not local enough to do so. If the link to your shopping site appears on the charities’ personal IBACS page next to their shopping or wish list, supporters anywhere in the world can simply click the link right through to your business site and purchase a gift card or start shopping. This will give you a huge advantage over competitors who have not yet registered with IBACS. In addition, the charities who may not currently use your store will most likely purchase other items they require while using their gift card or collecting the paid for goods, increasing your sales further. Your sales and credibility could be further boosted by encouraging your own customers to visit IBACS and choose a charity to purchase for.

A lay-bye system may be set up for more expensive products such as vehicles, solar energy products etc and even luxuries such as take-aways may be advertised for the hard working staff of a charity. The IBACS concept gives both the businesses and charities local to them a huge boost, where ever they are in the world.

Any legal business, anywhere in the world may register with IBACS. Businesses not yet offering online shopping may offer supporters a gift card instead. Although groceries are required by all charities, most will require supplies such as clothing, medical, hardware, gas, airtime etc. Most businesses sell goods a charity requires. If it is a large amount such as a vehicle, we can set up a lay-bye system and encourage supporters to add their donations until the amount is paid in full.

How it works

  1. Register your business by completing the form and emailing it to  Pay your first monthly fee (ZAR 250, USD 60, GBP 60, Euro 60 – or contact IBACS if it is another currency). Once approved your logo will appear on the IBACS home page.

  2. IBACS registered charities will find your link on the home page and copy it onto their personal charity page next to the products they need, and you sell. They will then advertise their need or desire for the product/s to the entire world through their social media pages.

  3. Charity supporters go to the charities’ personal IBACS page, click on the link to enter your website and start shopping or purchase a gift card for the charity.

  4. The charity may then collect the purchased goods from your store, or they may be delivered to the charity if you have such a service.

  5. Like our IBACS Facebook page -International Business & Charity Support This will give your business even more exposure to charities and the supporters

  6. Encourage your own customers to purchase goods from your business through your social media pages by going to the IBACS registered charities

The same process will apply to lay-bye goods but of course the delivery will only take place once the payment is settled.

A small monthly IBACS registration fee is required for businesses, which differs from country to country to ensure that it is cost effective and easily recoverable by the additional advertising and resulting sales. There is virtually no risk and so much to gain by registering with IBACS. Certainly worth a try. 

Monthly IBACS fee for businesses

Each branch must register individually

Businesses must pay in the currency of their country

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