About Us

IBACS (International Business and Charity Support) is all about providing advertising and additional sales for businesses through the charities who support them, and giving the generous people who donate millions of their hard earned money the satisfaction of knowing that 100% of their donation goes to the charity to ease the burden of monthly overheads.

If all of the charities throughout the world are registered on one website, supporters may find them with ease rather than searching the web. Any registered charity and any legal business across the globe may register with IBACS, and they all have something to gain by doing so.

Businesses pay a very small monthly registration fee, which will also benefit charities, and will easily be recovered by exposure to literally millions more shoppers both nationally and throughout the world and the resulting additional sales.

Benefits For Businesses

The benefits for IBACS registered businesses are considerable. The IBACS concept allows millions of charity supporters throughout the world an opportunity to shop online or buy a gift card from a store local to the charity. The charities, who benefit from having some of their monthly overheads covered will encourage all their social media supporters to purchase from the IBACS registered stores, which results in considerable local and global advertising. Sales could be boosted even further if IBACS registered businesses encourage their social media followers to purchase for charities local to them. This adds another benefit, in that customers feel good about a business that supports local charities.

Any legal business, anywhere in the world may register with IBACS. Businesses not yet offering online shopping may offer supporters a gift card instead. Although groceries are required by all charities, most will require supplies such as clothing, medical, hardware, gas, airtime etc. Most businesses sell goods a charity requires. If it is a large amount such as a vehicle, we can set up a lay-bye system and encourage supporters to add their donations until the amount is paid in full.

Benefits For Charities

Charities benefit by having some, or hopefully all of their monthly shopping and other overheads covered, relieving the stress and freeing up available time and income to spend on the cause and on development. The charity page within IBACS is designed to give good causes a platform to showcase their monthly overheads, current wish list, campaign, emergency requests and future development plans.

There is no doubt that the average charity on this planet is under-resourced, and no doubt that whatever help the charity requires, someone, somewhere in the world would be interested in helping – if they only knew about it.

IBACS allows charities to dream big, to find that sponsor for development or that helping hand in an emergency. Registration for charities is free and well worth the little time it takes to register and develop their personal page on the IBACS site. The site can be updated as needs change

Benefits For Supporters

Supporters have the benefit of knowing that 100%, less bank charges, goes directly to the charity for something they really need. Shopping is fun – shopping on-line in another country, is even more fun. The IBACS concept allows you to purchase something as small as a loaf of bread or as large as a vehicle – it all depends on you. So, find a charity to support below and have the satisfaction of knowing that you have made a real difference to their budget for the month, and to the time they would usually spend shopping. You could even throw in a box of chocolates or another treat for their hard working staff !!!

Benefits For IBACS Agents

Registered Agents will receive a commission on every business they sign up. The advantage of this system is that the Agents will receive a monthly amount for as long as the business is registered with IBACS. In addition, this is a really good deal for businesses when you consider the advertising they will receive for a very small monthly amount. In terms of advertising fees for they exposure they get, it would be difficult to beat. The IBACS concept will almost sell itself. The opportunities are enormous if you take into account that any business, anywhere in the world can register, the advertising leaflet is done for you and you can start your home business just by sitting behind your computer, or handing out the leaflet as you go about your daily business.